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Website Performance Analysis

Website performance analysis


We’ve all visited slow websites and we all behave in the same way. We click on the next line in the search results and go to a competitors site.

After spending time and money creating a cool engaging website with great SEO it’s vital that it loads quickly and encourages visitors to explore.

It’s not only human visitors that get bored, Google actively downgrades a site in it’s search results if it is slow to load. This is especially true for mobile devices.

Slow website frustration

Common Issues

Server Performance

As your web traffic grows it will be neccessary to upgrade your web server with the hosting company. It’s also a good idea to use a content delivery network which stores copies of your site on multiple servers around the world thus sharing the load.

Image Sizing

Everyone loves a website with big glossy images but quite often images on the site server are bigger than they need to be. To get around this issue we use image compression software to reduce file sizes by upto 80% without any loss of quality.

It also doesn’t make sense to send the same file to a 27″ Imac as a low resolution mobile phone so we use software that makes copies of the image in different sizes and sends the best fit to save bandwidth.

Javascript image


Ask your self do you really need complex animations and clever effects?

You should keep these to a minimum to avoid excessive loads on the server.

These scripts can often slow down the users browser having a negative affect on their experience which Google will also pick up.

Analysing a site

We use industry leading tools to analyse your site to see how it performs on multiple platforms both mobile and desktop. We also check it from multiple locations around the world and simulate different connection speeds like ADSL, fibre and 4/5G to get a real feel for the true user experience.

This allows us to see which files and processes are causing a bottleneck and from this we can produce a plan to turbo charge your site.


Website performance report
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Data warehousing and reporting

All of your key performance indicators in one place.

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