Does your property rental business model have the potential to be a success? Part 2

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Part 2: Will the property work as well for paying guests as it does for your friends and family?


In the last post we explored the importance of setting clear goals to be able to measure the success of your property rental. Next up, you need to consider the difference between a family home, and a rental property. Are you ready to make the leap?


What is it that you, your friends and family love about visiting your property? Will others appreciate the same things? Be honest. Be objective. Be respectful.


What do you expect from a holiday rental when you go on holiday? Does your property deliver, to the same standards? If not, how long will it take to sort things out?


Try to look at your property through your guests eyes, what do folks expect of a rental property in 2018? Does your property deliver?


Is the property crammed full of your personal belongings? Is the property easy to keep clean? Are furnishings and soft furnishings in good condition?


Is the maximum capacity realistic –  the table large enough for everyone to sit down and eat at the same time, the lounge big enough for all guests to spend time together?  


Is there plenty of storage space? Are all appliances and facilities safe and in good working order?


Are the bed linens of good quality? Are the mattresses and pillows new or in very good condition, and comfortable? The towels soft and fluffy?


Is there bright and ambient lighting?


Do the outdoor spaces work as well as the indoor spaces?


If your property isn’t quite there yet, how much are you willing to invest?


The property must be attractive, comfortable, clean, and good value for money to work as well for guests as it does for your family. All of our owners agree to supply all of the items on our Minimum Equipment list.


How can OVO Network help?


OVO Network combine innovative technology with market knowledge and creative expertise, to make it easy and stress-free to maximise your property’s occupancy and your rental income.


Click here for more information on the benefits of working with the OVO Network, or to apply to add your property to our rental property platform. Alternatively contact our Karen from our sales team directly on




Next up:


Part 3:  How can your property stand out from the crowd?


Here’s the whole ‘Does your property rental business model have the potential to be a success? ’ series:


Part 1: Have clear financial goals, otherwise it’s difficult to measure the success of your business.

Part 2: Will the property work as well for paying guests as it does for your friends and family?

Part 3:  How can your property stand out from the crowd?

Part 4: How do you set pricing that is attractive to guests and acceptable to you?

Part 5: How do you ensure respectful guests will LOVE your property, and keep coming back?

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Written by... karen


Hi I'm Karen, I'm part of the OVO Network sales team . I've lived in Manigod for the past 18 years with my family, and love sharing this amazing part of the world with visiting friends and family -

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