Home decor – Cosy mountain style, part 1: by the fire

Featured chalet image – Chalet Alti


When you get the chalet look right, you’ll feel like you’re curling up in a cosy mountain retreat where you can share a tasty raclette,  or get together around the fire with friends and loved ones. Here is the first part of our tips and tricks to getting that perfect chalet style: the fireplace…


By the fireside in your mountain chalet…


Watch the flames dance, listen to the crackling wood and warm up in a gorgeous chalet after a day on the mountain: all these little pleasures contribute to the enjoyment  of a mountain holiday. From the classic to the modern, there’s a huge choice of stoves and fireplaces which will help to create a cosy chalet atmosphere. The choice is yours!


Traditional open fireplaces with a stone hearth and wooden chimney breast give Alpine properties authentic charm, as here at Chalet Fleur des Neiges

Sleek suspended metal fireplaces, either open or closed, add a contemporary feel and elegance to modern chalet interiors, like this fireplace at Lodge Alta Clusa

…or at Chocoon Lodge.

This glazed round fireplace, as in this example from La Villa Solaire, provides a convivial atmosphere and a central meeting point for guests.

Sometimes the architecture of the lounge space dictates the style of fireplace, as in this example from Chalet Charmar, where the fitted fireplace is simple and efficient.


Depending on the architecture or style of your property, an inset fire lends simplicity and efficiency, and it looks good too!


The owners decided on a contemporary wood burning stove at Chalet Nougat.

Chalet Patagonia: downstairs the owners installed an unusual Alsatien ceramic tiled stove, with seating which gives out plenty of much welcome heat to tired skiers returning to the chalet at the end of a day on the hill.

This industrial looking wood burner originated in Canada. Located at Lodge La Source it blows out hot air.

Ethanol fires bring warmth to the chalet look without having to install a traditional fireplace or a woodburner like at Chalet Astrance.


Are you looking to decorate your own property in a chalet style that suits you? Would you like professional advice on decorating and managing your projects? Don’t hesitate to contact our interior stylists Caroline MARY (caroline.mary@lastresort.info) and Janelle ELSDON (janelle.elsdon@lastresort.info), who have put together this report and photographs, and have decorated entire properties.


Still to come:


Part 2: Wood, an essential material for achieving your chalet look

Part 3: Furniture, traditional or contemporary?

Part 4: Soft textiles for a cosy atmosphere

Part 5: Small accessories, big impact!

Part 6: Lighting, candles, spot lights : light up your interiors

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