Does your property rental business model have the potential to be a success? Part 5

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Part 5: How do you ensure respectful guests will LOVE your property, and keep coming back?


Last time we discussed how to set the right price for your rental property. In this final post we explore ways which help towards hitting the mother load of the rental world; the repeat guest…


Above all else, be respectful, be accurate and be honest. Don’t oversell, don’t undersell. The last thing anyone wants is for guests to be disappointed on arrival, because the copy or the photos do not accurately portray the property.


Having a gorgeous property in a beautiful setting is no longer enough…you’re in the hospitality business not an estate agent!


Respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently, and be helpful.


Make terms and conditions, i.e. no pets, pool only available in summer, security deposit procedure, etc clear in advance of booking, rather than trying to manage awkward or difficult situations when guests arrive.


Share your local knowledge so that guests can save time and try out some of the more unusual activities on offer close to the property, during their stay.


Start looking after your guests needs before they even arrive at the property! Give details of the property that can be adapted to your guests needs, any extra services you offer, and information about the local area, in plenty of time for the information to benefit your guests.


Support your guests before they arrive at the property, on arrival, during their stay, and on departure.


Give clear information so your guests know exactly what to expect, ensure that the property and the holiday live up to guest expectations, and help guests make the most of their time in the area and in the property. It is possible to do all of this, and if you do, guests WILL keep coming back.


How can OVO Network help?


OVO Network combine innovative technology with market knowledge and creative expertise, to make it easy and stress-free to maximise your property’s occupancy and your rental income.


Click here for more information on the benefits of working with the OVO Network, or to apply to add your property to our rental property platform. Alternatively contact our Karen from our sales team directly on


We have really enjoyed putting this first series together based on our experience. We hope you find it helpful in planning your property rental business model. We will be adding more articles in ‘Expert Opinion’ regularly so watch this space…



Here’s the whole ‘Does your property rental business model have the potential to be a success? ’ series:


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Part 5: How do you ensure respectful guests will LOVE your property, and keep coming back?

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Written by... karen


Hi I'm Karen, I'm part of the OVO Network sales team . I've lived in Manigod for the past 18 years with my family, and love sharing this amazing part of the world with visiting friends and family -

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