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What do I need to optimise on my site?


Perhaps this is obvious but it really is the most important aspect of your site. It needs to both engage viewers and persuade them to buy your product, whilst at the same time telling search engines what the site is about.


How a site is structured has a major impact on how it’s regarded by Google.

Social Media

Your site needs to be closely linked to your companies social media presence which can be used to drive traffic and at the same time increase your Google rank.

For instance when you create and new product or post on the site it can be automatically posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc greatly enhancing its reach and multiplying the chance of Google finding it.

Local Search

This is vital for businesses with a physical presence such as shops, hotels, restaurants, builders…

We can help get you established on Google maps and target your local audience to increase footfall and enquiries.

Keyword Analysis

It’s often very difficult to rank for popular keywords against major sites but by analysing real Google searches and targeting synonyms/alternative keywords it’s possible rank for searches with little or no competition.

This is a great way to make quick gains whilst building a long term solid platform.

Site Performance

A slow site will put user off and they will often click to a competitors site if they have to wait for yours to load. Google will also penalise slow sites and reduce your ranking in search results.

For more information see our site performance analysis page.

Site Health

This is an area often overlooked by SEO “experts” but can have an impact on site rankings and user experience.

Broken links to both internal and external content, missing images, faulty scripts and other errors can upset both users and Google. We have software that can quickly identify problems and get your site running bug free.


Once your site is set up perfectly for Google it’s important to keep an eye on how it’s performing. A site won’t rise to number one overnight so we provide tools to track how the site is performing on different search engines. It’s vital to keep an eye on your rankings as Google will often change it’s search algorithm and you need to spot this quickly if it negatively affects your ranking.

Our Expertise

We use industry leading tools to analyse all aspects of your website and your competitors.

Website content creation and SEO optimisation.

Site Content

Obviously the most important part of any site this is the information you want to convey to visitors. You’re the expert when it comes to your business and products/services so we ecourage you to produce the content whilst helping you to write it in a way that’s easily understood by both your customers and search engine robots.

social media search optimisation and campaigning

Social Media

You probably already have a social media profile, if so we can help integrate into your SEO strategy. This will help maximise your search engine ranking and expand your social media presence.

If you aren’t already established on these platforms we will help you get started.

Google local search optimisation

Local Search

If you want people to visit your actual premises or offer your products and services in a certain area, appearing in local search results is vital. If people are searching with a device with a GPS location it will prioritise local companies in the results.

The first step is to register your business with Google and Google maps. We can then craft your content to include references to your catchment area and include  Google maps on the site.

SEO keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis

Once again you’re the expert here and will probably have a good idea of the search terms you want to rank for. We will usually ask you for your list and then analyse these against actual historical Google search data. This will tell us how much competition there is for a keyword and so how much effort it will take to get to number one, but at the same time this analysis will provide a list of similar searches and keyword synonyms that we can use to target low hanging fruit.


This is the boring part dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s but it’s important to have a clean error free site. This is often overlooked but with the right tools it’s easy to identify and fix problems which are not easy to see when browsing the site.


Once the keyword analysis is finalised we will decide what pages are needed and how they should be structured. Probably the most important step is then to define an internal link structure in a way that supports the page keyword targeting.


We use industry standard Google analytics to monitor visitors to the site and their behaviour. From this we can see if the content is engaging enough.

We can also monitor search results to assess the SEO.

Mobile Ready

After spending lots of time and effort setting up the content and structure of your site it would be crazy to ignore more than 50% of internet users. If your site isn’t mobile friendly Google won’t show it in mobile search results and mobile users will go to your competitors sites.

Laptop with accounting software

Yes but how much is it?

SEO can be very expensive and time consuming. It’s important to fix a budget and expectations at the start of a project.

Please don’t belieive anybody who promises to make you number one on Google. It takes time and effort and using shortcuts can get your site blacklisted by the search engines.

We will work with you to see what is achievable within your resources.

To save costs we can show you how do do many of the tasks yourselves so once the project is up and running you can continue to improve SEO performance using your own staff and not relying on external consultants (yes we can be expensive!).


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