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Multilingual Websites

Multilingual websites and translation management

Reach a wider audience

Being based in the Aravis mountains near to Annecy many of our clients are involved in the tourist industry. It’s vital that their websites reach an international audience in order to attract clients from around the world to our region.

This has given us a great deal of experience managing multilingual sites and avoiding their pitfalls.

Multilingual website design

The System

We use WordPress in conjunction with sophisticated translation software which is fully integrated with SEO and online shopping.

You only need to create a page or post once and all of the translation can be handled in an easy to use back office. You can do the translation yourself or add other team members or professional translators to the back office of your site. For more information see this article at WPML.

It’s extremely easy and quick to add multilanguage capability to existing WordPress sites with one plugin (ask us for a quote).

Not only does the system handle on page text it also handles hidden “Meta Data” used to enhance SEO rankings. This means that your pages can rank around the world.


Common Issues


It can be difficult to find experienced translators and using automated services can introduce errors. Our system allows you to translate content for languages you speak whilst farming out other languages to a network of real people directly from the website backoffice.

Translation Management

If you have a complex website or perhaps have a lot of products to sell it can quickly become tricky to keep up with multiple translations. In our backoffice you can easily see all outstanding translations in one place and easily allocate them to an available translator (or just do it yourself).

Content Management

When you update or add content to a site you don’t want to have to duplicate effort by having to create or edit pages for each language. Our system separates the text from the page structure and graphics so you just need to translate any new or edited text.

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All of your key performance indicators in one place.

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Multilingual websites

Reach a bigger audience with an easy to manage translation system

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