Data Management and Reporting

Data management, consolidation and performance reporting.

It can be difficult to really dig down and analyse how your company and products are performing when you have lots of data spread over multiple systems and programs.

We have many years of experience of aggregating disparate data sources into a single database and overlaying the company structure on that data.

 Once data is cleaned and structured we use familiar tool like Microsoft Excel to create Key Performance Indicator dashboards with the ability to drill down into problem figures to get to the root of the issue.

Data Management and Collection

Accounting Systems

Often the starting point for company performance analysis, but they often lack detail and structural information.


It’s quite common to use spreadsheets to manage operational and sales data in small companies and these can be a goldmine of information.


From online booking systems to Webshops it’s possible to extract and transfer data back to a central database or in some cases it’s possible to link to the data in real time.

Data warehouse cube


Once the data sources have been idenitified information can be tranferred or linked to a central database where it’s checked for errors and anomalies. 

Once in the database it’s linked to the companies dimensions sales areas, product categories, seasons etc.

Dashboards and data reporting

Data Analysis and Dashboards

A dashboard is simply a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) on one screen usually in a graphical and numeric format.

Designed to give you an overview of how the company is performing. From this you can quickly see if things are on track or whether there are issues that need troubleshooting to ensure targets are going to be achieved.

Pivot Tables

One of the least known features in Excel but by far the most powerful, Pivot Tables offer a way to slice, dice and drill down through your data to get to the source of a problem.

For example if sales are down for the month by drilling down on the sales dimension you can see if any sales areas/people are under performing. If not click on the product dimension and instantly see which products or categories aren’t selling.

Using simple drag and drop you can create new and unique ways of analysing your data and ask questions like “which area buys most T-shirts” and then drill down to which ones are most popular. The options are endless and best of all if you already use Excel it’s free.


Pivot table dashboard - Excel
Excel pivot table dashboard
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